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1. Store location

Although the water purifier industry has nearly 20 years of development history in China, but the whole market is still in the early stage of growth, so the store selection has become the biggest factor restricting the operation of the store. Generally speaking, the water purifier industry likes to be a neighbor of the home decoration industry. According to incomplete statistics, 70% of the current water purifier sales come from the new decoration owners. In terms of site selection, shuijingkang will arrange the marketing team to make decisions with you.


2. Store decoration

Apurelli has its own VI system, which requires that the decoration style of each franchise store be unified. At that time, apurelli will provide a most suitable decoration scheme based on the specific situation of your store, which not only meets the requirements of shuifiltang experience store, but also saves you a design fee.


3. Marketing training

With many years of market operation experience, epland has its own planning and marketing team, and adopts effective business models for different regional markets. Its unique business philosophy has broken the curse of the industry for many years. Apurelli can make the survival rate of franchisees reach more than 90%. In addition, for each franchisee, the company arranges unified and continuous training for sales, installation, after-sales service, etc. to improve its business level.


4. Technology and materials

Terminal water treatment industry is a service industry with technology as the main body. The company requires every franchisee to master a complete set of water treatment technology. Before opening, the company will provide targeted training, and configure a large number of data, product dmslips, advertising materials, installation manuals, etc.


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