Policy support


① Unique area protection


In order to protect the interests of distributors, the company takes the regional exclusive distribution authorization as its regional market policy, and promises not to develop the second distributor in the same region in the form of distribution agreement. At the same time, the company set up strict cross regional fleeing punishment policies to protect the right of exclusive distribution. For details, please refer to the investment policy documents.


② Price protection

The company formulates a highly competitive supply price and market guidance retail price system for all products to ensure the profit space of dealers at all levels. The company continues to strengthen product quality and image, enhance the terminal competitiveness of products, adhere to the cost-effective product price strategy, provide dealers with strong product weapons to operate the market, and enhance the competitiveness of epland dealers in the regional market.


③ Advertising support

Epland provides advertising fee support for dealers, and supports dealers to launch their own regional market. (please refer to the agreement of epland general distributor for the specific support method and amount.

Epland provides distributors with design templates for various advertising materials, including TV commercials, outdoor billboards, newspaper hard advertising templates, newspaper soft advertising, etc.


Epland has built a new website platform and actively invested in various network promotion. Dealers can use epland's website as a platform to release information, so that epland dealers can efficiently share resources, exchange experiences, release information, etc.


④ Promotion support

According to the different time points of each year, the United Nations United States, Suning, red star Macalline and other chain stores will formulate the corresponding promotion programs, and participate in the annual Gome, Suning, ICBC Ronge shopping, single product group shopping, building materials alliance, bargaining, rural stage promotion activities, etc.


4.1 elite marketing team support


Epland marketing department is responsible for the field marketing assistance. The main methods are on-the-spot market survey, scheme formulation, personnel training, and working together with dealers to complete the activities.


4.2 specific activity support

Make a variety of promotional materials in a unified way, provide them free of charge according to the delivery ratio, design the image standard of the exclusive store and the image standard of the counter, help dealers establish the brand terminal image, combine with effective promotional activities, and help dealers quickly start the local regional market.


4.3 material support

The types of conventional materials mainly include: product publicity materials (product album, DM sheet), promotional materials (pop flag, X Stand, elabo, promotional demonstration stand, tent, sun umbrella, promotional apron, promotional balloon, etc.), after-sales materials (installation toolbox, installation clothes, etc.).


⑤ Sales incentives

The company has set up a strong sales rebate policy to encourage dealers to fully invest in the market and achieve higher sales goals. The company has set up support policies for entering Gome and Suning shopping malls and timely implemented them.


⑥ Document management support

According to the requirements of ISO quality system, epland has established a marketing operation management system, a set of market training system and a series of high-quality training documents for dealers. It mainly includes: product knowledge training manual, dealer annual planning training document, dealer operation management training document, sales promoter shopping guide process, after-sales service training manual, etc.


⑦ Standardized image of terminal

Epland provides a variety of standardized terminal design solutions to assist dealers to quickly decorate samples after entering the mall.


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