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Current situation of water pollution

"Have you noticed that the tap water flowing out of the tap after the water supply is stopped is yellow?

The water pollution of tap water is an indisputable fact. The main pollution comes from the water source pollution and the secondary pollution of the water supply network.

According to the 2015 China environmental situation bulletin, the surface water in China is generally slightly polluted, and some urban river sections are heavily polluted. Among them: Yellow River Basin, Songhua River Basin, Heilongjiang River Basin, Huaihe River Basin, Haihe River Basin and Liaohe River Basin are slightly polluted; Lake (reservoir) pollution is 35.5%; groundwater pollution is particularly serious, with extremely poor and poor water quality reaching 61.3%. The main indicators exceeding the standard are total hardness, iron, manganese, total soluble solid, "three nitrogen" (nitrite, nitrate and ammonia nitrogen), sulfate, fluoride, chloride, etc.

Strong growth momentum of water purification industry

In the process of running water passing through the huge galvanized pipe network, it is polluted twice because of the rusting, scaling and corrosion of the pipe network. Rust, sediment, colloid, bacteria, heavy metals, arsenic and fluorine in tap water enter the body through drinking water and meals, which poses a great threat to the health of pregnant women and children. In addition, long-term drinking of poor water quality can lead to a variety of diseases. Phthalate in tap water is a ripening agent for children, and benzene and residual chlorine are the main causes of cancer.

The situation of drinking water source is worrying, most residents can not get safe and healthy drinking water! Therefore, domestic water needs a water purifier. The market demand determines the development of the industry. The penetration rate of water purifier in China is less than 5%. Compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, there is still a big gap. In the face of more and more serious water pollution, information is more and more transparent, and the transmission speed is fast, people's health awareness is enhanced, and the demand growth of water purification industry begins to enter the fast lane.

With the establishment of relevant government industry standards, consumers' awareness of water purifier products has been greatly improved. The maturity of basic water purifier demand will promote the rapid growth of water purifier market, especially the water purifier with nanofiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane as the core technology, which will be the leading product in the market.

There is a long way to go in water purification industry

1. At this stage, the popularity rate is low, and the future development space of the industry is large

2. The water purifier needs dealer service, which is less affected by network sales

3. The water quality in China is not the same as that in foreign countries. It is necessary to design products suitable for the water quality in China

Now is the best time to join, catch up with the industry development express!

The water purification industry is a new family health industry, and also a trend industry evaluated by the reports of the world bank and the Asian Development Bank. At present, the water quality of domestic tap water can not meet the increasing demand of consumers. With the gradual improvement of consumers' awareness of water purifier products, water purifier is becoming a necessary product for families. At present, China's coverage rate is less than 5%, which is far away from the 70% penetration rate of European, American and Japanese markets. The market capacity can be expected to exceed 300 billion, and the industry prospect is unlimited. The development of water purification industry has stepped into the fast lane of growth.

"Epland is a Sino US joint venture water purifier brand. The company has the international leading research and development capacity of ultrafiltration membrane technology and reverse osmosis water purifier. Its technical strength, production scale and product quality have long been in the leading position in the industry. Epland water purifier Co., Ltd. is now looking for a first-class regional exclusive agent distributor in some blank areas of the country. We sincerely invite powerful distributors from all over the country to join hands with "epland" to create the first brand of water purification industry.

Epland water purifier creates a sustainable profit model. Operating epland water purifier series products will be a reliable way for dealers and friends to achieve rapid wealth growth.

Epland water purifier sincerely invites you to visit the site. Seeing is believing, listening is believing. The choice of water purification industry is to choose a high-speed development and fast money making industry.

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