Franchise requirements


1.Distribution cooperation mode

Engaged in water purification industry sales, picked up goods from apurelli, and picked up more than 50000 goods for the first time.


2.Brand franchisee

Regional distributor. Independent brand stores are decorated according to the unified image of apurili stores, with annual sales tasks and first purchase amount requirements. With the help of apurelli platform, we can carry out operation and sales activities of water treatment equipment in the local area.


3.Exclusive distributor

Enjoy exclusive regional protection and develop sub distributors. After a signing cooperation period, the franchisee can complete the sales task, maintain the brand image of APURELI, adhere to honest cooperation, and be willing to continue cooperation with APURELI, and then become the exclusive distributor in the region.


4.Cooperative partner

Air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air, cabinets, household equipment, decoration design and other industries, there are water purification equipment sales opportunities, and we can industry alliance, strong union.


5.Engineering group purchase

Property developers. Enterprises, public institutions, property companies and other group buying, there is a demand for water treatment equipment, we provide water treatment scheme design, product installation services as one-stop service platform.


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